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The Personal Learning Model

This booklet contains breakthrough information that shows people how they learn – and how they teach, coach and mentor others. It gives individuals a quick way to measure preference for the three different learning approaches so they can adapt, stretch and grow.

Every person has a distinct learning pattern, based on People Learning, Information Learning and Action Learning. For most people, their learning style has worked well, and it’s the “go to” approach to new situations and solving problems. Our natural comfort zone can also become a learning rut when used exclusively and not rounded out by the other learning styles.

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This booklet is useful for the following applications:

  • Mentoring – helps mentors and learners focus development; select high-impact activities; give mentors and mentees a common vocabulary
  • Performance Coaching – identify inappropriate learning patterns; help coaches tailor coaching methods and assignments
  • Work Teams – leverage team differences; productively use team diversity
  • Development Planning – create realistic development plans; break down barriers to learning
  • Facilitator Effectiveness – tailor facilitation to all three learning styles; maximize learner ability in testing and certification situations
  • New Hires On-boarding- help new hires quickly navigate their job’s learning curve; aid supervisors in creating on-the-job training plans
  • Knowledge Transfer – helps experts tailor their messages and think through how to best convey their expertise to others
  • Trainer Effectiveness – boosts facilitator ability to make productive use of classroom and online time by addressing all three learning styles
  • Full Engagement Learning – design and implement training that appeals to all four generations in the workforce.

* Facilitator guide available

Are there right and wrong ways to learn? Devon Scheef believes there are. Heresy! Think about it: Every day, you learn something new, whether it’s noodling around with a complicated app or honing the finer points of leadership. If you’re typical, you give each new endeavor 100% effort—but less than half the time, you end up not truly retaining the skills or lessons learned. You’ll learn more about being a heretic and applying Devon’s Personal Learning Model.

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