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Celebrate! Leverage the Power of Recognition

Are you and your organization getting the most out of daily actions to recognize employees?

It’s easy to neglect acknowledging good work in the fast pace of business. Most managers find themselves managing by exception – paying more attention to what’s not working than to what is going well.

According to a Gallup poll, recognition and praise are among the five most important factors in determining key business benchmarks like employee retention, customer satisfaction, productivity, and profits. In other words, employee recognition is a win-win situation: the employee feels valued and the company benefits from employees who work harder and longer for the company.

Celebrate! is a hands-on workshop where busy managers and supervisors learn to take powerful actions that drive results.

1. Recognition ROI
The payoff for a leader’s time and energy spent in recognition activities

2. Celebration Style
A quick quiz to help you determine your own recognition preferences and those of your team

3. Recognition Rocks
How-tos, tips and tools

4. Try it Out
Talk track with practice

5. Take It Back
Implementation planner

Workshop Tools:
1. Celebrate Guide – a concise guide to recognition how to’s
2. Manager Tool Package – downloadable word documents for daily use

Workshop Length: 2 hours or a half-day.