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Our Products

Are you looking for learning solutions that produce business results and support personal growth?

The Learning Café provides learning solutions that support personal growth and produce business results. We specialize in designing, implementing and sustaining exceptional learning experiences that bridge the workplace generation gap, develop outstanding leaders, use personal branding as a unique career development tool, create successful mentoring initiatives, and engage and retain top talent.

We partner with you to build programs that promote individual effectiveness and organizational success. Our solutions include workshops, webinars, consulting, tools and keynote presentations.

The Learning Café crafts experiences that enable people to explore new ideas and discover new perspectives through personalized learning experiences. We know that the most profound learning focuses on the experience of the learner, not the ego of the facilitator.

Our participant-centered learning series includes:

  • Multi-Generational Workplace – training and tools that provide information and skill building for managers and employees on leading and working in the four-generation workplace.
  • Employee Engagement – the Art and Science of Engagement energizes and focuses managers on the realities of engagement – engaging and retaining talented employees.
  • Learning Agility – Learning agility is the willingness and ability to learn from experience and apply the learning to perform successfully under new or first time conditions. Let us teach you how.
  • Building Your Brand — how to take charge and be accountable for personal career success, based on personal reputation.
  • Reward and Recognition — go beyond balloons and banners to positively drive business results; make the most of recognition actions and use recognition to reinforce results and move your team toward critical goals.
  • Mentoring — training and tools that fulfill the promise of learning relationships.
  • Leadership Development — boosting ability to lead in a challenging and changing world.
  • Collaboration and Teamwork — supporting your team members to be the best they can be, and providing them with useful, easily implemented tools.