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Offering Your Expertise & Learning from Others
In a knowledge-driven organization, talk is real work. Conversations are the way people discover what they know and share their knowledge with colleagues. Whether it’s called wisdom, experience, tribal knowledge, or just plain common sense – how to teach what you know is a critical skill.

Most people find themselves in a state of perpetual learning – some days we are the expert, other days we are the learner. Rapid learning helps us flourish in our quick-change organizations. Learning is an ongoing process, not an end state where at last we “know it all.”

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Engaging Millennials in Professional Associations and Conferences
This checklist offers 10 actions you can take that will help you bridge a common generation gap. We hope you’ll download this PDF and then let us know what you think.

Celebrate! Leverage the Power of Recognition
Teach your managers and team members the how-tos of successful celebration.

Reputation Rehab
Take a look at our new action plan and you’ll find steps for building a good reputation, repairing a rep that needs some rehab, and leveraging your reputation and becoming more visible.
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Five Trends to Track
We’ve gleaned some terrifically helpful information and insights from our clients as well as our own independent research, to discover these top five talent trends. They are the areas that successful managers need to act on now, in order to stay on top of workplace trends.

The Learning Café Talent Trends 2011

Seven Days of Life & Work
We’ve assembled the best thinking on how to create a winning year, one day at a time. Click here to find ideas that work for you and enjoy the results!

Conversations That Count
Conversation is the tool that helps people explore ideas and assumptions. The goal of conversation is to deepen understanding, not to debate opinions. Here are some simple questions that spark conversation and will help you to engage your Millennials.