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The New Age Of Recruiting

Diane offers eight ways to help companies compete in today’s dynamic labor pool and boost recruiting and retention success.

Learning Styles Assessment

Are you learning agile? Today’s rapid-pace, quick-change work environment demands that every individual be a rapid, flexible learner who can learn on the fly. The Personal Learning Model is a unique tool that gives individuals immediate insight into how they prefer to learn, and how to maximize that knowledge. Click here to download our quick […]

Generations at a Glance

Looking for a quick guide to understand the generations at your organization?

Help! My Manager Is a Millennial & I’m Not

Here’s how a more mature worker can make the most of a younger boss opportunity.

One Goal for 2016 Steel Summit is New Talented Speakers

Diane Thielfoldt will be speaking at the 6th Steel Summit Conference in Atlanta this August. She will discuss the characteristics and challenges of each generation and of those just entering the job market. Click here to view her intro in the Steel Market Update.