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Learning Agility Workshop

Jobs are getting bigger and more complex. The need to acquire new skills is never ending especially with the reality of markets, competition, technology, legislation and business strategies evolving organically and disruptively. Leaders face new situations, assignments, or challenges that could stump them if they are not prepared. But how to best prepare and acquire a fast, flexible learning mindset? If you’re like most people, there isn’t enough time to build the complex skills needed to work with and through others, and tackle strategic issues at the same time. Learning agility is the willingness and ability (attitude and skill) to learn from experience and apply the learning to perform successfully under new or first time conditions. It encompasses the skills needed to effectively with first-time tasks, most often in changing or ambiguous situations. It begins with a solid understanding of self.

Learning agility correlates significantly with long-term potential for promotion; it is considered one of the most important factors in great leadership. It may be more important than IQ or EQ. In this ½ or 1 day workshop, participants will learn a consistent, systematic way of learning from experience and applying that learning to new or dynamic situations.

Target Audience

Anyone who works in a dynamic, changing, ambiguous organization or culture. This workshop is especially applicable to people working in first-time, unknown situations.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to apply the workshop principles to:

  • Transition from the known to the unknown, for example moving from Client Sales to a staff role, customer care to finance, or moving to a new function

  • Adapt quickly, for example the need to launch a mission-critical project or product

  • Thrive in novel, unfamiliar situations, for example participating in a task force on a topic outside your expertise

  • Handle unforeseen problems or opportunities, for example leading in a new situation

  • Start something new, for example launching a new product or project


½ to 1 day

Workshop Materials

Participants use a comprehensive workshop guide and card deck to create their personal agility strategies and actions.