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Successful Mentoring: Launch for Mentors & Learning Partners

Mentoring is a powerful development tool that pays off for the individuals involved as well as for your organization. This workshop is designed specifically to accelerate mentor and partner skill building (or group skill-building in the case of group mentoring.) Ideally, you’ll use it as a kick-off to arm mentoring participants with specific how-tos in a written plan they can use to move forward in launching their relationship, setting individualized learning goals and discussing their expectations, with ample opportunity to address potential issues with candor and care. In addition to a primer on how to teach and learn, participants can select ideas from a menu of mentoring activities.

Target Audience:

Mentors, learning partners, mentoring program champions and administrators; managers who would like to enhance their on-the-job coaching and mentoring skill-sets.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will learn practical how-to’s to build a productive mentoring relationship, including:

Setting Learning Goals

The single most critical success factor in mentoring relationships involves clear goal setting and progress measurements.

How to Discuss Roles and Expectations

A single mentor doesn’t “do it all.” Learn about the six roles of mentors, and discuss the most important roles in your mentoring relationship.

How to Teach What You Know (for mentors) and How to Accelerate Your Learning (for partners)

An interesting and useful inventory provides mentors and their partners with insights into their teaching and learning preferences, and how to head off obstacles before they occur.


3 hours

Workshop Materials

Mentoring Success Guide

Provides practical how to’s for mentors and partners, including calibrating expectations, goal setting, making the most of mentoring time, activity suggestions and how to be an outstanding mentor and learning partner.

Personal Learning Model

Fast and insightful assessment of learning style, designed to help mentors and partners accelerate development. The booklet is filled with ideas to help individuals leverage their natural abilities and discover new approaches to increase personal effectiveness.

Let’s Talk Card Deck

Twenty-three cards that provide instant meeting topics and conversation ideas. Each card poses a provocative conversation topic that can quickly move a coaching or mentoring discussion from small talk to substance.