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Selling to the Generations: How to Sell, Serve and Succeed

Cross-generational differences could be your sales force’s most formidable competitor or a strong strategic advantage. Your sales team and your client base is a volatile mix of four generations: Silents (1933-1945) Baby Boomers (1946-1964) Gen X (1965-1976) and Millennials (1977-1998.) Each generation carries unique perceptions, attitudes and buying behaviors—and understanding and serving those differences can give you a strong advantage.

This workshop helps sales professionals in all industries move beyond awareness of generational differences to specific actions that build client confidence and trust, and lead to sales results. Participants gain the skills and tools to quickly connect, effectively communicate and gain commitment with clients of each generation.

Target Audience:

Sales managers, team leaders, salespeople, customer service reps.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the generational forces that shape the attitudes, preferences and purchasing behaviors of your customers
  • Identify the key preferences for connecting and communicating with each generation
  • Identify buying behaviors for each generation
  • Identify actions to hire, on-board, coach, and retain a multi-generation sales force.


1/2 day.


Participant Guide.