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Recruit & Retain the Millennials

As more and more employees retire, their ranks will be filled with the massive number of potential employees who are under 31 — Generation Y, or the Millennial Generation. In fact, it will be impossible to keep organizations running unless we tap this large group of workers. The problem is, you can’t apply the tried-and-true recruiting and engagement techniques you’ve always used– this generation has a very different perspective on work and if you don’t understand it, or learn how to engage them and keep them around, your workforce will dwindle. This interactive webcast will reveal what’s fact and what’s fiction when it comes to Millennials in terms of what they are looking for in a job and how to communicate with them.


This timely webcast will provide participants with:

  • Concrete actions for bridging the “generation gap” in learning and meeting the needs of the Millennials
  • Onboarding techniques that reinforce your mission and make Millennials feel part of the team, comfortable and enthused about the job,
  • Ideas and proven techniques to engage Millennials