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Mentoring Women Leaders

Research tells us that women who have mentors are more likely to succeed than women who do not. In fact, lack of mentorship can be a barrier to a woman’s development and progress. Mentors help emerging women leaders accelerate their skill development, and prepare them in real-time to navigate the nuances of organizational life. Many organizations launch mentoring initiatives; unfortunately research also tells us that roughly half of all mentoring initiatives do not achieve their desired results – either for the organization or for the women who participate.

In this presentation, you’ll learn how mentoring works — both for the individuals and for the organization. If you are currently in a mentoring relationship, you’ll get guidance about specific skills that put your mentoring in high gear and keep it there. Each person participating in the session has an opportunity to create their own Mentoring Plan & Agreement. If you want to begin a mentoring relationship you’ll get guidance on how to get started.


By participating in this session, you will be able to:

Learn what’s different – and what’s not – about mentoring women leaders

  • Why mentoring women makes a difference
  • The top five barriers to women’s advancement

Create a plan for a paired mentoring relationship

  • Creating a mentoring agreement

Pick up practical how-tos for creating a productive mentoring relationship

  • How to set learning goals
  • How to discuss expectations and roles
  • How to teach what you know (as a mentor)
  • How to accelerate your learning (as a learning partner)