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Mentoring for Knowledge Sharing

This high-impact presentation sets the stage for your formal mentoring and knowledge transfer initiative by raising participants’ awareness of the importance of sharing knowledge, and pointing the way to the action.

The most valuable asset of any organization lies between the ears of mature, skilled and experienced employees. As those workers move on to retirement or other jobs, younger employees will take their place—and what will happen to your asset?

The so-called generation gap is actually a huge opportunity. Organizations are benefiting from an infusion of fresh perspective from new hires, which can be melded with the expertise of tenured employees. The opportunity is for all generations to see the business differently, and share fresh perspectives as well as the wisdom of legacy knowledge.

This means that creating an inclusive, generations-friendly climate that facilitates knowledge sharing and transfer is a business imperative. We know conclusively from research and practical experience that each workplace generation has different motivators, expectations, communication styles and work needs. The presentation begins by exploring the generational forces that shape the diverse members of the audience, then we address how everyone can contribute to a climate and communication among the generations that facilitates mentoring and knowledge sharing.


  • Set the stage for formal knowledge-sharing initiatives
  • Provide information about the business case for formal mentoring and knowledge transfer – the four-generation workforce and the age bubble implications
  • Provide practical tips about what every team member can do to informally mentor and encourage knowledge sharing
  • Create a positive, energetic connection among people who share and learn key organizational knowledge