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Meetings That Work

Are the meetings you plan and attend highly productive? In any organization, there are few topics as relevant and ripe for improvement as meetings. As work has become more complex and team-based, the number of meetings for most employees has dramatically increased – amplifying the importance of using meeting time productively.

This purpose of this workshop is to focus on how to use meetings to achieve results and accomplish work. The content is practical, realistic and filled with ideas that you can take action on right away. You will be able to effectively plan, facilitate and participate in high quality, outcome-oriented meetings.

Target Audience:

Anyone who participates in or leads meetings, or who wants to increase the productivity and successful outcomes of the meetings they participate in.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will be able to:

Organize your meeting for results

  • Determine if a meeting is truly needed
  • Rethink who participates in your meetings
  • Define the meeting outcomes
  • Build an agenda

Maximize group productivity

  • Learn roles that make a difference
  • Recognize positive meeting behaviors and how to get them
  • Understand the skills that everyone needs to lead a meeting


1/2 day

Workshop Materials:

Participant success in planning and facilitating successful meetings is supported with a workshop guide.