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Meet the Millennials

Managers today need hard-hitting information about the new workforce and what they must do to remain relevant and stay in the race. For example, how much do you know about the youngest workers in your group?  Do you know how to effectively recruit, engage and retain these valuable workers?

This practical, relevant webinar focuses on the “Millennials” (born 1977-1998), the digital-mastering, multi-tasking, high-expectation segment of our workforce that brings great promise and tremendous challenge. Millennials are puzzled with phrases like “pay your dues” and “we tried that already” – and they are inclined to walk not whine when the workplace doesn’t meet their expectations. In short, we need new rules to engage and retain this generation.


This practical webinar delivers on the promise to help managers learn from the best and update their thinking and skills, with:

  1. Fast Facts – education about the Millennials and the four-generation workplace and the demographic trends that created it.
  2. New Rules – what managers and business leaders can do to engage and retain Millennials; tips for communication, engagement and retention.
  3. Take Action – to motivate and avoid mistakes.  Recommendations based on extensive research and workplace observation.