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Instant Expert Manager Series


Front line managers never know what new challenges each day will bring. Their days are busy and unpredictable. They hire, orient new employees, coach, and manage performance. In their high-speed work environments, they only have time for training that is fast and targeted.

The Instant Expert Manager Series includes six modules. Each 90- minute session delivers how to’s, powerful actions, and a key skill to coach and engage employees from recruitment to retirement. When managers understand and address employee needs at each phase of the employee cycle, the result is performance and engagement.

The 90 Minute Skill Building Process:
Can busy people learn a new skill in 90 minutes? The answer is “Yes”, if some important learning principles are in place. Some training courses depend too much on cognitive learning – acquiring knowledge – using only lectures and slide presentations. This type of learning requires participants to passively absorb and retain large amounts of content. In order to build skill, participants need opportunities to connect with the content and apply it to their work – less passive listening, more application and practice.

Target Audience:

Team Leads, Supervisors, Managers and Directors

Learning Outcomes

Module 1 – Essentials of Engagement

  • Self-assess daily engagement actions
  • Plan and implement a conversation that counts

Module 2 – Talent Scout

  • Attract talent
  • Hire for fit and skill

Module 3 – Orienteer

  • Connect new hires to their jobs and the culture
  • Align new hire expectations with job reality

Module 4 – Coach

  • Communicate goals and performance expectations
  • Accelerate on-the-job learning

Module 5 – Engagement Expert

  • Recognize and value each employee
  • Create a positive, productive work climate

Module 6 – Legacy Creator

  • Encourage informal knowledge sharing
  • Identify critical at-risk knowledge and expertise


Each module is 90 minutes.


  • Engagement Profile assessments give managers insights about their current engagement behaviors.
  • Instant Expert quick reference cards provide information about the manager’s role, the skills needed to effectively perform the role and how to apply the new skills.
  • Skill Builder cards offer practical ideas for immediate on-the-job application.
  • eTicket card deck contains 31 actions that managers can use to engage their team members.