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From Backpacks to Briefcases

Northface replaces Hartmann.

My Space, not the race to space.

Facebook, not face to face . . .

This session is for you if your workplace includes members of the Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials working shoulder to shoulder and cubicle to cubicle.

There are subtle and not so subtle differences in each of the four generations in today’s workplace – in their work ethic, communication style, career outlook, and expectations. While this generational mix has potential for conflict, misunderstanding and even resentment, there are huge opportunities for productivity, creativity, knowledge sharing and strategic advantage.

“From Briefcases to Backpacks” looks at today’s workforce through a generational lens, focusing on practical advice, skills and tools that we all need to connect and win in the new workplace.

This interactive session focuses on:

  • Awareness – The population trends that created the issue
  • Appreciation – What you need to know about each of the four generations in today’s workforce
  • Action – Practical skills and tools to handle multi-generational challenges