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Coaching Millennials: A Guide for Success

This session approaches coaching through a generational lens with a focus on the newest, youngest members of the workforce. As the digital native, random access, multi-tasking, high-expectation segment of our workforce, Millennials bring great promise and challenge as well. Our newest employees are puzzled with phrases like “pay your dues” and “we tried that already” – and they are inclined to speak up and out, and walk not whine when the workplace doesn’t meet their expectations.
This workshop emphasizes coaching how-tos for managers – how-tos that energize, empower, and engage Millennials.

Target Audience:

Supervisors, managers, team leaders and project managers.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Fast Facts – the demographic trends that created Millennial work preferences, attitudes and behaviors.
  • New Rules – how to coach, engage and retain Millennials; tips for communication and motivation, including how to discuss career opportunities and realities.
  • Taking Action – Problem solving and solutions related to specific situations that you encounter with Millennials. The session provides ample opportunity to discuss current management practices and examine the potential need for change.


1/2 day.


  • Participant Guide
  • Generations Over Time timeline
  • eTickets.