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A Guide to the Changing Workforce: Four Generations, One Workforce

Use a skill-focused training workshop to arm your managers and supervisors with essential skills and actions they need to lead in today’s multi-generational workplace. This workshop is a highly interactive, results-oriented learning solution that looks at your workforce through a generational lens. It delivers practical advice, skills and tools that today’s managers must have.

Target Audience:

Managers, Employees, Teams, HR Consultants, Diversity Leaders, Recruiters and Learning and Development Professionals.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the forces that shape values and behaviors at work
  • Address generational stereotypes
  • Identify the key motivators for each generation
  • Identify actions to hire, on-board, coach, engage and retain each generation
  • Improve communication skills critical to bridging the generation gap
  • Create an action plan to improve specific workplace relationships
  • Practice the skills most needed to engage members of every generation


Select a 4-hour or 6-hour version of the workshop.


Workshop Participant Kit includes: A Guide to the Changing Workforce and eTickets.
*Ask us about available Train-the-Trainer materials

A Guide to the Changing Workforce participant book

The participant guide is a rich, comprehensive resource to use in the workshop as well as back on the job. It contains vital information about each generation in the workplace, including key characteristics, workplace behaviors, and actions that need to be on every manager’s “to-do” list.

The book guides participants through the workshop activities, and offers ample space for taking notes and recording best practices. Most important, it includes skill-building activities and a planning format so participants can immediately take action. Each participant leaves the workshop with a number of action-oriented checklists that are organized with easy-to-implement ideas for each generation.

The book includes a timeline describing the key events and experiences that define a generation and the influences that shaped each of the four generations.


The eTickets are designed to jump-start thinking and provide 38 practical ways that managers can boost engagement. The beauty of the tickets is that they are easily adapted across generations, and your “workshop dialogue” allows participants to see how the ideas on the eTickets can be easily implemented.