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Event Formats

The Learning Café specializes in solving issues related to the changing workforce. For ten years, we have learned from the diverse workforce by engaging in primary research, analyzing secondary research, capturing trends, teaching in organizations and observing workplace behavior — to build a strong knowledge base of the workforce. We have helped organizations in many industries create strategies to engage and retain talent, to develop leaders and mentors and to bridge the generation gap at work. Our presentations, training materials and workshops have provoked thought, changed behavior and educated thousands of managers and employees on the importance of flexing to meet the needs of a changing workforce — and practical ways to do so.

Keynote Speech

Depending upon your organization’s needs, each speech is tailored to your audience. Participants can immediately use the tips and recommendations provided in the presentation. We offer forums for internal sponsors or champions and provide a comprehensive approach to creating a strategy for your changing workforce. A variety of tools and materials are available to support keynotes and speeches.


Large or small group presentations suitable for managers and employees that promote awareness, develop appreciation, and provide ideas for taking action. Webinars can be tailored to specific organizational needs. A variety of tools and materials are available to support the webinar.


Our results-oriented workshops focus on skill-building and action planning, with innovative tools and practical tips for managers and employees to put into practice. The hands-on, interactive, working sessions deal with real-work issues and emphasize management effectiveness.