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Employee Engagement

The Learning Café’s Art and Science of Engagement workshop provides concrete strategies and practices that managers can use to develop, engage and retain your most valuable assets—your employees. There are clear generational differences in what engages employees. This session helps managers appreciate differences and personalize engagement.

Every organization wants employees to be engaged in their work. But what determines whether your employees will “give their all?” The Learning Café knows that people feel energized and engaged when they find personal meaning and motivation in their work, receive positive support, and operate in an efficient work environment. Art and Science of Engagement gives managers the building blocks to make this happen in the multiple generation workplace. This workshop energizes and focuses participants on how to motivate and inspire employees, recognize employees’ contributions with targeted recognition, and retain the top talent in their department.

This four- or six-hour workshop can be tailored to fit your organization’s schedule and needs. The workshop and accompanying materials offer managers the necessary tools to assess their ability to influence employee engagement, identify behaviors that set them apart, examine the drivers of employee engagement, take a snapshot of their team and determine where to focus their engagement efforts and how to have a conversation that counts. Participants will receive ideas, actions and solutions for employee engagement and motivation.

The key messages of the workshop can also be delivered via web broadcast or as a keynote speech.