The Learning Cafe In Action

NAED 2012 WRC–Not Your Fathers Work Place Panel
It’s not your father’s workplace! Check out Diane’s Millennial leader panel at the 2012 NAED conference for insight about retaining and engaging top talent Millennial leaders.

Millennials Generation At Work on The Young Turks
The Young Turks speak with Devon about Millennials. Some say the generation is lazy and entitled but is it true?

Leadership and the Art of Balance
What participants are saying about Leadership and the Art of Balance:

Overheard at the Café

What audience members are saying about our presentations and keynote speeches:

  • Great speakers like you are what make our conference work!
  • I really enjoyed the material you presented to us. Your energy was phenomenal, and your examples really hit home.
  • Thanks so much for your presentation and facilitation. The information and messages were exactly what we needed. And people really enjoyed themselves.
  • Thanks so much for your excellent presentation last week. Folks around here are still talking about how valuable it was.
  • Very valuable for my growth and development as a leader.
  • Good information — it will help me in understanding people in my workplace.
  • Very enlightening experience. Thank you for the insight.
  • Excellent exercise. We needed it to clarify our generational issues.
  • This workshop was good for understanding values and how to understand what motivates co-workers.
  • Love it! I would definitely want to share this experience with other managers on our team.
  • Super great information — it shed lots of light on newer generation and older generations. This experience will be valuable to use while managing people who fall into different generations.
  • The world is a different place and interesting. This exercise will help me keep pace with it.
  • I appreciated the generational definitions and broad characteristics of each. This helps me understand a number of challenges with co-workers.
  • This was great. Very eye opening.

What participants are saying about our Engaging a Changing Workforce workshops:

  • I’m leaving with a solid action plan that will give me direction.
  • I’ve gotten some solid skills to help me with my multi-generational team.
  • I understand my Millennial son now!
  • In order to be successful, one must learn how to manage employees of all generations. Cuspers are important to bridge generations.
  • Many field reps are Gen X’ers and most managers are Boomers. Thus a clash. Also, reps are asked to work in teams (by Boomers) and Gen X’ers are not necessarily team players.
  • This was great!
  • We need to bring this to the rest of the organization!
  • We’d like a longer workshop on this topic!
  • This will help me so much with my customer interactions!