Client Results

Generational Diversity

Financial Services & Insurance – A Fortune 50 financial services and insurance giant tackled the topic of diversity because of changing workforce demographics. They are facing a retirement wave combined with incoming, less tenured employees around the globe. The Learning Café customized and implemented Four Generations, One Workforce workshops and webcasts that reached over 1,000 employees around the globe, and prepared over 20 facilitators for global delivery. As a result:

  • Managers now view the multigenerational workplace as one of strength and opportunity
  • Managers are leaving behind outdated attitudes about managing younger workers
  • Managers now use their new perspective and skills to onboard, engage, retain and share knowledge across this highly skilled workforce.

Regional Bank – A Midwestern diversified financial services corporation is growing rapidly and experiencing a workforce generation gap. Banking leaders turned to their Cultural and Inclusion team for an expert reommendation. The Learning Café customized and facilitated Four Generations, One Workforce workshops, with an emphasis on effectively managing each generation through the employee lifecycle. The workshops were followed by a webinar series for remote locations. As a result:

  • Managers address generational stereotypes
  • Managers can attract and retain talent from all generations
  • Managers can customize onboarding to the needs of the individual employee
  • Managers can identify and act on the motivational drivers for employee.


Selling to the Generations

Trade Association – The trade association for the $72 Billion electrical distribution industry prepared its member companies to succeed in a rapidly changing marketplace, where generational communication gaps between buyers and sellers make the difference between profit and loss. The Learning Café created a six-part webinar series Selling to the Generations: How to Connect, Communicate & Gain Commitment. The series was launched with keynote speeches at regional association conferences, articles in the trade publication and online learning. The series includes:
Part 1: The changing consumer base and marketplace
Part 2: Meet the four generations
Part 3: Four generations of customers
Part 4: Take action
Part 5: Managing a generationally diverse sales force
Part 6: Connect, communicate and gain commitment.


Top Talent Development

Aerospace – A global leader in hydraulic and flight control electronics encountered challenges with their Top Talent development program. The organization’s Senior Leadership Team needed an in-depth understanding of top talent to have confidence in them as future senior leaders, but found from internal interviews that candidates were uncomfortable and unaware about discussing their contributions. The Learning Café co-designed a Top Talent Day that included Building Your Brand to support top talent’s ability to articulate their contributions and career goals. As a result:

  • Top Talent Day exceeded all expectations (executives, top talent, HR)
  • Senior executives’ confidence in the top talent selection process has dramatically increased
  • Top talent participants have identified and articulated their professional brand, and shared their brands with the senior leadership team.

Federal Government Agency – The US’ national institute dedicated to public health and safety offers a Leadership Management Institute for high potential leaders. As future senior leaders, these directors have a critical need to build skill in hiring, onboarding and retaining the Millennials coming into their agency. The Learning Café implemented Leading in a Multi-generational Workplace: A Leader’s Guide to the Changing Workforce workshop to provide practical skills. As a result:

  • Millennial job satisfaction and retention is rising
  • Directors report success with understanding the motivational drivers of all generations
  • The organization has identified the need to engage a changing workforce mix as a critical factor in future success.

Global Information Services – A global group with operations in 44 countries implemented a leadership development initiative to seed the organization with future talent. The program combines mentoring by business unit presidents and senior executives with rotational assignments across operating units. The Learning Café created the program structure and the client uses the tools Generations Timeline, The Personal Learning Model, and the Let’s Talk Card Deck. We are the ongoing learning coach and adviser to the program. As a result:

  • 99% of program participants move from the program into Director-level roles
  • Program participants are catalysts for change and innovation across the business
  • C-level sponsors, mentors and participants report strong satisfaction with the program’s business outcomes.


Leadership Development & Cultural Change

Global Document Management – A corporation that produces and sells printers, photo copiers, and digital production printing presses merged two businesses with distinctly different cultures and leadership styles. The resulting integration challenged the organizations 400+ managers with poor employee morale, turnover and productivity loss. The Learning Café designed Leadership the Art of Balance, a 4-1/2 day residential leadership transformation experience for mid- and first-line managers. This sustainable, repeatable learning experience resulted in:

  • The two cultures aligned and assimilated rapidly
  • Strong praise for the actionable tools and processes in the development program
  • Participant satisfaction rating of 99% as measured in the program’s impact study
  • Bridging cultural and generational gaps across the organization.

Credit Union – The nation’s fifth largest credit union built a culture of coaching to support their team members. Supervisors were working contributors accountable for delivering on key tasks and they were leaders of first line employees. The busy pace of daily work and focus on exceptional front line service left little time for coaching conversations. The Learning Café designed Coaching for Performance Excellence, a workshop focused on easy-to-implement coaching skills. Now, supervisors report they are confident and skilled in coaching direct reports. Key topics include:

  • What coaching is and isn’t
  • Who to coach and why
  • How to coach
  • Development actions that get results
  • Recognizing good work and how to coach for change.