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Learning Styles Assessment

Are you learning agile? Today’s rapid-pace, quick-change work environment demands that every individual be a rapid, flexible learner who can learn on the fly. The Personal Learning Model is a unique tool that gives individuals …

Generations at a Glance

Looking for a quick guide to understand the generations at your organization?

Help! My Manager Is a Millennial & I’m Not

Here’s how a more mature worker can make the most of a younger boss opportunity.

One Goal for 2016 Steel Summit is New Talented Speakers

Diane Thielfoldt will be speaking at the 6th Steel Summit Conference in Atlanta this August. She will discuss the characteristics and challenges of each generation and of those just entering the job market. Click here …

The Four Generations, One Workforce

The Four Generations, One Workforce is offered in Spanish at Jackson Family Wines

Managing metal fabrication through the generations

Although the study of generations is an inexact social science, it may help company leaders empathize, minimize conflict, and get everyone on the same page.

Diane Thielfoldt, co-founder of The Learning Café, Daniel Island, S.C., …

6 Word Aspirations

In the spirit of professional growth and a bright beginning to the New Year, please enjoy The Learning Café’s new Six Word Aspiration tool. You may be familiar with six word stories; they have been …

Retention Done Right

Finding and hiring promising people is just the first step in nurturing talent in a company. Click here to read this article in the ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTOR, October 2015.

Bridging The Generation Gap At Work

This article is from am interview after Diane presented the multi-generational workforce at SROA’s 32nd Annual Meeting in San Antonio.  Click here to read the article which begins on page 2.

How to Get Younger Employees to Show Up, Pitch In & Excel On the Job

Looking for tips on engaging Millennial workers? Engaged employees are more likely to show up, perform well, and stick around. Check out Diane’s latest article, which includes an insightful quiz on how engaging you are …

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