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Building Your Brand

From recent grads to tenured experts, the four generation workforce benefits from concrete how to’s for managing reputation and building brand. Share tips for personal branding with your employees, and you’ll strengthen their ability to manage their careers by building their brand. Each of us is in charge of our own reputation, and there are steps we can take to understand and manage that reputation. Participants will learn how to build their credibility and authentically market themselves throughout their department, organization and industry. In doing so, they can ignite their careers, re-energize their development and polish their networking skills.

New-to-the-workplace Millennials build credibility by knowing how to create and develop their personal brand. The confidence that comes from a positive, growing reputation is rocket fuel for a career. The Learning Café guides participants through examining how others see them in the workplace, understanding the importance of networking, and discussing strategies for becoming more career-savvy. The end result is employees who are more engaged, more energized and more ethical.


Also available as a keynote speech or a webinar.


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