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Our Approach

Our goal is to design learning solutions that work for you.

We customize a specific solution for each client that produces business results while supporting participants’ personal growth. The Learning Café will partner with you to build a program that addresses your needs, provides a return on your investment, and earns enthusiastic participant buy-in.  We create exceptional learning experiences that garner extraordinary results.

Our Principles

  • We respect diversity of learning styles through multiple delivery approaches.
  • We engage learners through discovery, conversation and reflection, because learning by doing is more powerful than learning by rote.
  • We create an informal environment for interaction and relationship-building, because learning is social and many benefits of training are unintentional.
  • We structure the physical environment to encourage interaction, social learning and peer learning.
  • We encourage self-directed learning, because each learner knows best what needs to be learned.
  • We honor the knowledge that already exists in the group.

Our Philosophy

Our passion and expertise lie in crafting structured programs that provoke new thinking and perspectives. Our work is based on the premise that the most effective interventions are client-centered rather than consultant-centered. Likewise, we believe that in the classroom the most profound learning is learner-generated rather than facilitator-generated.