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About Us

What does The Learning Café do? We turn potential into performance.

In other words, we determine each client’s specific needs and goals, and then customize a learning experience that meets those needs and goals. That experience might be a one-time presentation or a conference breakout session, a workshop or large-scale learning event, a keynote, a training tool or an ongoing partnership.

We can guide you through big and small changes in

  • cultivating a cohesive multigenerational workforce
  • building mentoring initiatives that pay off
  • building your personal brand
  • effectively engaging and retaining employees
  • developing essential skills for new and current leaders
  • guiding groups toward collaboration and teamwork

You provide the potential, and we’ll transform it into performance.

Who Is “Us”?
Peek behind the curtain at The Learning Café and you’ll see co-founders Devon Scheef and Diane Thielfoldt. When they created The Learning Café in 1999, they combined their accumulated business acumen, unique talents and insights, and their innate understanding of how individuals learn and develop.

Meet Devon

Devon Scheef knows her way around the corporate world. She spent 17 years working in market research, sales training and organizational development—all at Fortune 100 corporations. Her past employers include Bausch & Lomb, Xerox and TRW.

When she left that world behind to co-found The Learning Café, she brought with her a personal passion and talent for developing leaders and mentoring and her goal of helping organizations translate business strategy into practical actions that empower and enrich employee stakeholders.

A frequent and popular speaker at conferences, Devon combines an energizing speaking style with original, always-thought-provoking content, and consistently earns high ratings from her audiences.

Devon holds an Executive MBA from the University of Southern California, and undergraduate degrees in psychology, religious studies and business. She is qualified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and holds certifications in MindGym Microlearning and Appreciative Inquiry. Devon is the author of Mentoring: A How-To Guide published by the American Society for Training & Development, and The Personal Learning Model, a unique approach to bolstering on-the-job learning capacity.

Meet Diane

Diane Thielfoldt is a woman of many talents. She acquired them during her corporate career with McGraw-Hill, TRW, Bausch & Lomb and Xerox, where she held leadership roles in sales, marketing, communications, and learning design, development and delivery. Those talents were further honed after she co-founded The Learning Café, where she specializes in designing and developing training on the four-generation workforce, the changing workplace, leadership, and engagement.

An accomplished workshop facilitator and engaging speaker, Diane has educated hundreds of managers on practical, everyday actions that contribute to a motivated, engaged workforce. She has also helped hundreds more start to bridge the generation gaps in their workplace. Along with co-founder Devon Scheef, Diane has co-authored a wealth of articles, book chapters, white papers and podcasts.

Diane holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Pennsylvania State University. She is qualified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and a wide variety of testing and assessment tools, including 360 degree feedback.