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How to be an Awesome Team Member

Diane Thielfoldt & Devon Scheef

Be that person.

Working with your team got you down? Take these three steps to create more daily awesomeness.

Live the Magic Ratio – High performing groups have more positive contact than neutral or negative. 5:1 (positive to negative) is the ratio to remember. Minimum. Don’t be the person who rarely encourages but is always first to point out errors. Connect more. Appreciate more. It works at home, too, and there the ratio is 7:1, so go home and BE NICE.

Be Deliberate – Use your gifts to contribute to team goals. Fill in the blanks with your hard-won knowledge and experience. When someone zigs, contribute a zag. Where someone lags, jump in. Good intentions, brainpower and helping hands are always in style. Instead of saying “Let me know if there’s anything I can do”, ask like you mean it: “What’s something I could do to help you right now?”

Change the Channel – Do you work with the lame team? (Trick question.) Consciously choose to assume that your co-workers operate to the best of their ability, and act with the best interest of the company and their colleagues in mind. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Ask some questions. You have full control over your choice — go low or go high?