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The Four Generations, One Workforce

Sylvia Puentes, Jackson Family Wines Training Manager

Sylvia Puentes
The Four Generations, One Workforce class has given us another way to approach diversity topics and strengthen collaboration at Jackson Family Wines. We now offer it in Spanish to our Spanish-speaking employees.

Some notable differences in facilitating to non-English speakers is the relevance of childhood events and popular culture. For most of our non-English speakers, their formative years were spent in a another country and their coming-of-age years were predominately influenced by their move to the United States. To bridge that gap, participants are asked to share their influential factors rather than the topics provided in the materials, since those topics do not resonate with them. The Spanish version of the class gives participants a different insight into co-workers behaviors and has created a stronger inclusive working environment. It clearly has increased people’s awareness and offered new ideas about how to engage and better communicate with other generations.