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What Every Millennial Manager Should Know

If you’re a Millennial manager, the odds are good that you’re leading a team that looks like a four generation family reunion. According to Pitney Bowes, 20% of mid-level corporate employees report to a boss who is younger than they are, but only 5% are perceived as ready to lead.

As a Millennial manager, what can you do to change the perception about your readiness to lead? The Learning Cafe’s field research about successful (and unsuccessful) Millennial managers identifies nine simple actions to accelerate a new or younger manager’s credibility. These items are the lessons of time and experience that, when deliberately implemented early and often, help Millennial managers settle into their roles with calm and maturity.


Check out What Every Millennial Manager Should Know and see how easy it is to build a good rep with every generation. New managers can find comfort in Tip #3 and need to pay special attention to Tip #5, a frequent pitfall. Use the quiz to see how you’re doing.