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Finally… No More Warming the Bench!

Taylor Fitzpatrick

A Millennial Outlook on “The Accelerated Millennial Manager”

As a Millennial leader it often feels as though only two roads to career advancement exist:

  1. Be reminded of how young we are and that we need to wait our turn if we want to be in senior management or
  2. Ready, set, here’s the deep end – hope you can swim.

Both leave us in the lurch, feeling neglected, and our talent wasted. But there is another option. “The Accelerated Millennial Manager” by Devon Scheef and Diane Thielfoldt is a breath of fresh air. They have not only taken the time to research but to understand the Millennial generation, mapping out strategic ways to harness our talents and get us off the bench (…finally!). They find the balance of articulating the value and potential we hold with practical steps that employers can take to move our careers to the next level. It is not a secret that we (in general) often forsake company loyalty in the effort to achieve our desired career goals – but it doesn’t have to be us vs them, my way or the highway. “The Accelerated Millennial Manager” exposes the reader to our desperate need to excel and then details the little (and big) things that can be done before we are ready for the role of senior management. We all know that we may not be ready to be CEO on day one (although don’t put it past us to have that ambition) but we do have creative vision that can push our company ahead of it’s competitors and are eager to work for a company willing to embrace us, coach us, and (when we are ready for it) let us lead. “The Accelerated Millennial Manager” shows you how to do precisely that. Every company looking forward to the future needs to read this and learn how to prepare a new generation for leadership success.

The Accelerated Millennial Manager

The Accelerated Millennial Manager