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Mentoring and Retention–a Winning Combination

Diane Thielfoldt

Mentoring helps new employees of all ages stick around

What does mentoring have to do with retaining your company’s most valuable employees? A lot, as it turns out. Sources show that 35% of employees who do not receive regular mentoring are likely to look for another job within 12 months.

This key ingredient of retention is easy and inexpensive to implement, with the added bonus of helping to strengthen relationships across generations. We offer some basic tips to get you started in our recent article “Teach Employees to Stay: Talent retention and mentoring create a winning combination.


We encourage you to give mentoring a try. Whether you pair up employees in a formal program, mentor them yourself, make open suggestions on mentoring, or—ideally—all of the above, you will not only be strengthening your organization’s retention rate, but also creating happier, more engaged employees of all generations. And that’s a win-win!