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Building Your Personal Brand

We believe that authentic career satisfaction and success comes from a crystal clear view of the individual; their talents, gifts, and yes, foibles and vulnerabilities.

Organizations are increasingly complex to navigate and lead. Thriving in a workplace of constant change requires organizational savvy like never before. Therefore, personal branding – how to be yourself with skill – has come to the forefront as a deliberate strategy for managing your reputation within your organization.

A personal brand is how you define and differentiate yourself. Your personal brand is what it takes to prosper and stand out in the midst of ongoing workplace challenges. Just like an organization, every individual has a brand…whether you like it or not. Your challenge is to learn what your brand is, emphasize your strengths, and position yourself to communicate the heck out of it. What makes you better, different, or more special? What differentiates you and your team from others? How does your collective brand align with the organization’s mission, vision and values?