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We’ve got the tools and know-how to turn your organization’s potential into performance. Whether that potential involves a multi-generational workforce, mentoring, leadership development or personal branding, The Learning Café has it covered.

We channel our years of business expertise and up-to-the-minute research into customized learning solutions that deliver results. Our presentations, training materials and workshops have sparked new ideas and practices, changed behavior and educated thousands of managers and employees.

The Learning Café has proven success in industries from aerospace to insurance, manufacturing to nonprofits—and the federal government. We hope you’ll join our long list of satisfied clients.

What can The Learning Café offer you?

The Learning Café provides learning solutions that support personal growth and produce business results. We specialize in designing, implementing and sustaining exceptional learning experiences that bridge the workplace generation gap, develop outstanding leaders, use personal branding as a unique career development tool, create successful mentoring initiatives, and engage and retain top talent.

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    What will motivate, engage and retain each of your employees in a multi-generational work environment? In our Newsstand Articles about Leading Four Generations, we take a look at the four generations and how they interact in the workplace.

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    “Four Generations, One Workforce” is a results oriented workshop that looks at today's workforce through a generational lens. Give your managers the tools they need to lead in the multi-generational workplace.